If you come from public administration, a civil society organization, a startup, media or an academic institution, and you would like to gain introductory knowledge in analyzing and visualizing data, then the Autumn School of Data is the right opportunity for you.

This five-day program is organized in Mokrin House (Mokrin) and lasts from 27th October - 1st November. Its goal is to introduce participants into the world of data analysis - from the legal framework and the process of choosing the right methodologies, to analyzing data with R and Python programming languages. Apart from workshops and lectures, participants will also work on team projects in order to practice their knowledge and receive mentoring from the lecturers. All expenses for the participants are covered by the organizers.

Given that the number of participants is limited, we invite you to fill out the application and provide relevant details about your work and aspirations for working with data by 11th October (Friday) HERE.

A more detailed program is available (in Serbian) HERE.

This program is organized through the Open Data – Open Opportunities project, implemented by United Nations Development Programme in Serbia and the Office for IT and eGovernment, with the support of the World Bank and UK Good Governance Fund.


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