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Oct 30, 2013

The web platform has been relaunched in the new version and it represents the first one-stop-shop-info-center on Violence against Women (VaW) in Serbia. VaW is a widely spread form of breach of human rights, violating women’s psychological and physical integrity and a serious social problem that can be stopped only through joint action and loud public condemn of violence.

The web space that we present to the public today is an attempt to create a virtual space that integrates the efforts of various actors (governmental and non-governmental, international organizations, as well as private sector) by making visible their efforts and building on their expertise. The joint spirit that this virtual space conveys is exactly what we believe shall be done to prevent and protect women from VaW.

Web platform is dedicated to all persons who are eager to learn more about VaW:

  • women and girls who are suffering violence, who are in search for information about who to contact for the support and how to initiate the procedure against the perpetrator and those who feel to have problem in their intimate partner relationship or family relations, but they didn’t manage to name it,
  • men who want to learn more about the techniques of anger control, equal partner relationships, who want to actively participate in preventing and combating VaW and be the agents of change of harmful social norms that form our ideas about gender roles,
  • persons who are interested in learning more about the prevalence, characteristics and forms of gender based violence and those who may still have doubts about seriousness of this social problem,
  • professionals in charge for delivering services to survivors of VaW, who are interested in taking part in education programs and in new services,
  • citizens who want to live in a society free of violence and who want to give their contribution in building social ambient that publically and clearly condemns violence against women.

Violence against Women is an act of physical, sexual, psychological and economic harm or suffering of women, including threats of these behaviors. Violence is often a learned behavior pattern. Children whose parents are victims or perpetrators of violence more often base their relationships on violent behavior. Children exposed to domestic violence are themselves victims of violence. Stopping and combating violence is an investment in the future generations and in safe future of entire society. Society which nurtures high tolerance to violence hinders its citizens to use their personal resources, knowledge and skills in full capacity. Preventing and combating gender based violence requires engagement of both men and women, of entire community. Zero tolerance to violence against women needs an engagement of all of us.

Web platform is a joint activty of UNDP and Fund B92 within UN Joint Project „Integrated Response to Violence against Women in Serbia“, implemented by three UN agencies (UNDP, UNICEF and UN Women).

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