Important Announcement to Bidders: Introduction of eTendering System in UNDP’s Procurement Processes


We are pleased to inform that, as of the 1 September 2019 UNDP has globally introduced the eTendering system.  UNDP’s eTendering is an on-line system which is mandatory to use for the management of all international competitive procurement processes of high value.  However, at the discretion of UNDP, any tender can be processed through eTendering System irrespective of its estimated value – UNDP will clearly indicate the mode of bids submission in each of the bidding/ solicitation documents published.

eTendering system is designed to facilitate the UNDP’s tender processes through on-line interaction and aims to further enhance the UNDP’s fundamental procurement values and principles: fairness, integrity, transparency and accountability through its tenders.  eTendering also enables simplifying and streamlining of the procurement processes for the bidders: Bidders use eTendering to register themselves, view solicitation documents of tenders of their interest, submit their bids and receive automatic notifications from the system on the status of their bid/s submission, as well as whenever solicitation document of interest has been modified/ updated.

Some of the main benefits of eTendering are:

Electronic sealed bids: eTendering encrypts bids submitted in the system and does not allow anyone to view any submitted information before the deadline for submission of bids;

Electronic stamping of the bids: The system stamps all information submitted by bidders and prevents anyone from altering, deleting or adding anything to the bid after the deadline for submission;

No late submissions accepted: The system will automatically not accept any bid after the set deadline;

Streamlines the bidding process: Bidders submit their bid on-line, edit bid directly in the system if needed and receive automatic notification through the system after the evaluation on whether their bid was successful or not;

Provides an audit trail: As the system records all activities on-line, keeps trail for UN audit for increased accountability and transparency of each process.

Training for use of the eTendering system for bidders has been organized in UNDP’s premises end-August 2019 and the full presentation (eTendering User Guide for Bidders) with audio recording in Serbian language can be downloaded from this web page, as well as the FAQ - Najčešće postavljana pitanja o eTenderingu in Serbian.

Apart from the above-mentioned, bidders are strongly encouraged to visit the UNDP’s global Procurement Notices web page (link provided below) to access more resources related to eTendering system, such as guides, videos, etc. which are provided in UN languages.

For any queries related to the eTendering procurement cases organized by the UNDP Serbia, please contact the Procurement Unit at and clearly indicate the reference to eTendering Event (particular tender of interest) and briefly indicate tender issue in the Subject of the e-mail.

We are looking forward to the successful utilization of the eTendering system and are thanking you for expressing interest to cooperate with UNDP!


eTendering User Guide for Bidders–Profile Registration (SRB AUDIO)

eTendering User Guide for Bidders–Searching for Tenders and Bid Submission (SRB AUDIO)

FAQ – Najčešće postavljana pitanja o eTenderingu (SRB)

More UNDP eTendering Resources (in UN Languages)

UNDP General Procurement Information (in UN Languages)

UNDP Policy against Fraud and other Corrupt Practices


Tenders / Procurement Notices

Procurement notices for contracts over $100,000


Procurement Notice

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